About Basket & Blooms

Welcome to Baskets & Blooms!

We’re a London, Ontario based company specializing in premium gift design for weddings, corporate events, client appreciation, and life’s special occasions.

Owner and founder Bonnie MacInnis has always been captivated by the power of thoughtful gifting and its ability to bring joy to others. Bonnie’s passion for flowers coupled with her keen eye for detail and love for aesthetics has allowed her to curate a collection of unique and beautiful gift baskets that incorporate her love for both.

At Baskets & Blooms we are honoured to be part of your special moments and help you create memories to last a lifetime. 

“I handpick each item that goes into our gift boxes. I believe that every gift should be a work of art, carefully crafted to evoke emotions and create a lasting memory”.

~Bonnie MacInnis

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